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  Recovery for Heart Attack

Depression Hinders-Recovery for Heart Attack Survivors. Dr Rob Grenfell says patients are less likely to make the lifestyle changes needed after a heart attack if their mental illness goes untreated. “At the moment most patients with depression after a heart attack go unrecognised,

  Heart Disease and Women

Did you know that in developed countries more women than men die of coronary heart disease? What used to be typically a man’s health issue is now a pressing concern for women’s health. Learning as much as you can about heart disease is a first step in reducing your risk. Here are the most recent research and findings.

  Go Veg and Reduce Risk

A new study from the University of Oxford has found that the risk of hospitalisation or death from heart disease is 32 percent lower in vegetarians than people who eat meat and fish

  Official Journal Launched

Caring Hearts, official journal of heart care foundation, launched

  Blood test could predict

Blood test could predict Heart Attack

  Healthy Heart Tips

Your heart is the most important organ of your body. It works 24/7 without a break. So you ought to be really good to your heart if you want it to keep going. Your lifestyle determines a lot about the health of your heart. The hours you work, your home environment, the foods you eat, the exercise you get. All these factors have a great impact on how well and how long your heart is going to keep pumping!

  Eat Healthy

Eating right can do wonders to maintaining a healthy heart. The first step is to eat five combined portions of fruits and vegetables which contain antioxidants, substances believed to protect the body against diseases such as heart disease and cancer, says Lee Hooper, B.Sc., S.R.D., a research associate at the University of Manchester.

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