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I am very proud of being an ambassador of this noble venture

Suresh Gopi ,Cine Actor

There is so much of pain and suffering in this world and one can’t help feel deeply disturbed at the plight of those hopeless souls. The gratification that you feel when you help someone, even just a little is so overwhelming……….

This is one reason I was so glad to be associated with the Heart Care Foundation, where we don’t just help people, we give them a whole new lease of life.

I am very proud of being a ambassador of this noble venture and I have promised myself that I will do whatever I can to help this charitable trust to grow and help save ailing hearts, thus saving lives and therefore saving many families.
Come; join me in saving hearts, saving families. I pledge my support to the new venture of Heart Care Foundation to save 1000 hearts, 1000 lives, 1000 families!

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