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Dear friends in Heart Care Foundation,

Since my last message to all the readers of the ‘Caring Hearts’ a lot of developments have taken place both in your Foundation and in the nation. India the largest democracy of the world has just completed another general election. The country has given the ruling party one more chance with a massive mandate to rule this nation for another five years. We hope and wish that the new government will give high priority to the health sector that would bring about changes to the health of people with emphasis on primary health sector. Generally the health sector is ignored vis a vis other departments which brings in revenue to the government. A healthy nation will only stand to gain with high productivity and with less disease less of expenditure.

At the Foundation we have had a combined meeting of the Advisory board, Governing Council and the Medical Panel. The meeting took stock of the activities carried out currently by the foundation and also suggested a series of programs which could help the general public in the area of heart care. We have initiated a new program called Telemedicine in association with Lisie Heart Institute and with the technical support from MAGICS. Our main objective would be to strengthen the Primary Health Centre (PHC) in detecting early signs of the disease and provide expert opinion. This would apart from strengthening the primary health centers will empower the Medical Officers at these centers to identify and pick up such cases early. The program will in a way revolutionize the health care delivery system in the remote areas of the State.

We have also had another Instrumental flash mob at the main atrium of Lulu shopping mall under the caption ‘Pause for my brother’ this was well recieved. The annual feature of Hrudayasangamam 2019 was held recently at Lisie hospital auditorium. As in the past the patients and their families came in good numbers and made the program successful through their interactive session. Dr Remla Beevi A, Director Medical Education was awarded this year’s ‘Social Excellence Award for her contribution in the field of medical education.

Friends, we would be the entering shortly the 15th year of our existence and we have lined up several programs to serve the people in the Heart care sector. We would therefore request your active support and cooperation to implement these projects.



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Dr. Jose Chacko Periappuram
Chairman HCF

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