Caring for the Heart

Organ transplants are miraculous achievements of modern medicine which provide a viable approach to the management of diseases that cause end stage organ failure. They help such patients live long after they have given up hope but depend entirely on the generosity of donors and their families who are willing to give this life saving gift to others. Every year, hundreds of people die while waiting for an organ transplant. There is a serious shortage of organs and the gap between the numbers of organs donated and the number of people waiting is ever increasing. This where you can help by pledging your organs.

A single non-living heart beating donor can save 7 lives by donating the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas and small bowel. Several tissues like cornea, heart valves, ear drums and bones, menisci, tendons and skin could be donated. The Transplantation of Human Organs Act 1994 (THOA) and the Transplantation of human organ rules 1995 (THOR) as amended in 2002 provide for the regulation of removal, storage and transplantation of human organs for therapeutic purposes the act recognizes the concept of Brain Stem Death (BSD) and gives legal sanction for cadaver organ donation.

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  • My mother is a heart patient .she is 64 years old .She is having Coronary infection and has to do angiogram ...

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