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  • Do you know that about 5% of urban populace above the age of 40 years are affected by Cardio-Vascular illness?
  • Do you know that Indians develop heart disease 10 years earlier than the western population?
  • Do you also know that 30% of our heart patients can’t afford the treatment for their illness?
  • Have you ever thought of these unfortunate people whop die of heart diseases not able to pay for the surgery?
  • Can we help them?

Why to buy the ‘Save Heart’ Heart Band?

  • By buying and wearing a heart band, you participate in the noble cause of helping the Heart Care Foundation to execute the above aims.
  • Wearing this heart band would accentuate your noble thoughts, and motivate your friends and other people to participate in this cause.
  • Buying a heart band would ‘SERVE A CAUSE’.

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